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Beyond The Pom Poms

I know that some of you may have the opinion that cheerleaders and dancers are just eye candy - something to look at during timeouts and halftime shows but nothing really upstairs. But, sadly, that is a great misconception and one that will soon be exposed. NFL Cheerleaders and dancers bust their butts to keep themselves in shape, practice for hours weekly, maintain strict diets, and devote much of their time to this industry. Now, thanks to the efforts of Austin D.
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JJ Birden's Experience at the 1988 NFL Combine

With the 2014 NFL Combine coming up, thought it might be appropriate to share with you what it was like for me. Still can't believe I did not know who Michael Irvin and Sterling Sharp were.

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Meat Market by Bill Ferrario

With the NFL's Combine around the corner, it makes me think back to February 2001 when I took part in the NFL's version of a meat market, which evaluate players to be drafted in the upcoming years draft. This was 13 years ago, before every little detail was televised for every fan to see in the luxury of there living rooms. Players now a days can even prepare for what they are going to face by watching previous years combines.

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Super Bowl XLVIII Picks

Unlike most other so-called NFL and Fantasy Football "Experts," this so-called "Expert" truly cares about my followers & fans and their opinions. The Super Bowl is the biggest game that happens in the NFL World, and I realize you have more opinions about it than any other game on the NFL Calendar. Thus, creating this blog entry.

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NFLVR Live! Tonight

Tonight at 10 pm ET will be NFLVR Live!'s biggest and best show ever! For those of you that are not familiar with NFLVR Live!, it's a weekly web series that airs live on NFLVR.com, Google+ and YouTube every Wednesday at 10 pm ET since September 4, 2012 during the NFL Pre & Post Seasons. I have had guests ranging from NFL Players to NFL Cheerleaders to Fantasy Football Experts to the average NFL Fan. As much as I'd like to take credit for the idea I can't. The idea came from Google as part of my partnership that began with them back in August of 2012.


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